Scarf- Lavendar- Wool blend Crochet / Knitted- 3 Seasons
Warm Scarf + Online women’s store
Warm Scarf + Online women’s store

Warm Scarf

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Crazy Crochet and Knitted Scarf- Lavendar- Wool blend

Material: approx: Wool rich.

Approx: total length: 130 cm  meters

Approx: total width:  38cm (at widest point)

Note: Scroll down the page and see the different ways to wear this versatile scarf.

 The scarf pin does not come with the scarf. For a comprehensive collection of Scarf Pins go to "All Products" then "Costume Jewellery" then "Scarf Pin-Hat Pin Brooch" or “SHOP NOW”-"Scarf Pin-Hat Pin Brooch".