Head Band - Neck Warmer- Scarf-Active Snug

Head Band

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 Head Band - Neck Warmer- Scarf

This can be worn as a head band, or a neck scarf. This is a all seasons accessory.

Can be used to keep hair off your face while bike riding, taking your make-up off or exercising, just to name a few.

They look great as an extra layer underneath a woolen scarf for that layered look. If you have sensitive skin these are great underneath scarves to create a barrier if the scarf fabric is a bit "scratchy".

Design/Colour: Navy blue

Fabric: High elasticity. Quality jersey knit/lycra 

One size fits all (generally). This will fit any head the size of minimum or maximum and everything in-between.


Minimum head size: 50cm

Maximum head size: 64cm

NOTE: All care is taken to capture the correct colour of the Snug, however there could be slight variations in the colour.